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About Xyphien
Xyphien, also known as Chaun Farmer is a jack of all trades. Dabbling in a little bit of everything he makes promotional videos, logo intros, video games, card games, board games, minecraft servers, plugins, and more!

Medically disabled from the military Xyphien decided to self retire and spend his time creating content for the internet in various ways. From creating content that out right helps out a specific community, or individuals to creating youtube series for his favorite game. Xyphien is always trying new things to bring enjoyment to everyone he interacts with.

Despite being the one who wrote, and created this website Xyphien has mastered the art of writing about himself in the third person. Even though he sometimes tries too hard to be funny people still tend to find him at least mildly entertaining from time to time.

Chaun Farmer
The one behind the name Xyphien.

All of Xyphien's Skills

Content Creator

From Youtube, to Twitch. Xyphien strives to make content that is both helpful & engaging.


Gaming since practically birth (exaggerating of course as he didn’t have a game until he was decently older) Starting on the SNES, through Xbox, PS2, PS4, Xbox One, as well as PC he plays all consoles and was even semi-pro in Halo 3 at one time. He’s also always down to play games (so feel free to ask on discord)

Game Designer

From Video Games, Board Games, to Card Games. Xyphien has worked and made some from all categories. Demi, Xyleria, and Demi OTCG are just a few of many games he has designed and created.

Website & SEO Developer

Since 2009 he has mastered his skills at creating website, and getting ranked on google. From SEO building, to other online presence, if you need it he can do it. On top of that he makes some pretty nifty websites as well (Check out this one for example)


For over 11 years Xyphien has created communities such as Forums, and other sources such as Discords. Having a forum with just under 40k members, and a discord with several hundred he strives to create an active, and entertaining community.


From creating amazing, and unique ideas, to helping others reach their full potential with their ideas and creations. He is here to help, as well as create the next best thing!

All of the active projects going on right now!

Supernatural Network

A Minecraft 1.16.1 server with Supernatural classes, MMO tendencies, open world PVP, Custom plugins, and more!

Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Ghouls, Priests, Witchhunters, Necromancers
Custom Plugins such as Supernatural Arena, and Supernatural Classes
Open World PVP & Arena PVP. Grief Prevention, and Survival
Quests, Storylines, Spleef, Minigames, & Active Community

Demi Card Game

A mythology based trading card game that is both Physical, and Digital to play!

Digital Cards with game mat, detailed rules, and fun to play 2v2 or 3v3!
Online game with TRUE trading card aspects, online marketplace, and competitive ranked!
Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies. With new mythologies being added with every expansion!
Community interaction, allowing the community to vote on the next expansion, and more!


Board Game inspired by true RNG, to include randomly spawned dungeons, final boss, NPCs, and more. Allowing for a unique gameplay every time you play it!

True board game, with die to move. Without taking away from the dungeon crawling aspect.
From 2 – 6 players, and without the need to search for that one person to tell be the master of your dungeon.
6 Classes, all unique with their own unique items & armor you get from monsters, NPCs, and more.
Unique dungeon story role play game in a board game form.

Whole Hunt

A youtube series set in the game Runescape. In which I'm not able to use anything outside of Hunter to defeat Jad, a super tough boss I have never been able to defeat!

Strict Rules requiring a lot of research, and practice.
Set objective to keep the audience on their toes.
Unique Gameplay no one else has tried before.
Lots, and lots, and lots, did I mention lots? of hunting!
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