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I'm thinking of doing a simple rpg maker mv project sort of an illusion room type game where lucus and co explore dungeons with invisible random encounters
at the invitation of a man of esteem
My Music Player and Playlist Builder events are progressing at a decent pace now, though I did suffer a setback, I still might finish the whole thing before the end of the month.
Today I procrastinated. I started updating my old maps from my abandoned project to my new standard form compatible with the Portal Gun. I'm supposed to be working on my other casino games.
Overall update for all player controlled slot machines. Instead of using the keys 1-5 to "pull the levers" for each slot, player can now click the slots to cast them, slots can still be cast in any order you wish. I think this may be better. Anyone like the other way better?
You're now able to sell games, domains, websites, and more on the resources! I've uploaded the first game for sale!
1 custom RPG style slot machine has morphed into 2 sets of 4 similar machines.

3 Slots - Player Controlled
4 slots - Player Controlled
5 slots - Player Controlled
All in 1- Player Controlled
3 Slots - Completely Random
4 slots - Completely Random
5 slots - Completely Random
All in 1- Completely Random
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All eventing. Zero plugins except a keymapper that I made.
Both 5 slots and both All in 1s are done. the 3 and 4 slots will be done within a a few days
Finished the last 4 machines and the random ones weren't working. the code seemed fine, I kept thinking it was the randomizer. 4 hours later I finally found the problem...the randomizer! on the plus side, everything now works and only needs finishing touches.