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Yanfly's action sequences. Please help. (character stuck in the "chanting pose")

Couldn't find anything about this specifically so...
I'm using Yanfly's action sequences, and there's a few things I am having issues with:

1: The character being in the "chanting pose" whenever nothing's happening (I tried various "motion x: user" and nothing worked).

2. The move name isn't displaying on one particular move. There's a few others that do, but one doesn't. I don't know if it being a move that targets 4 random enemies did anything but it's the only one that isn't displaying it.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm unsure how many more head bashes my keyboard can take.

I really wish I could figure out what is "spam-like" or "inappropriate" about me trying to update posts. *sigh*

I figured out #2 with a reworded Google search (and it was way down in the plugins in-program help; shoulda checked there first). It was "action display" for anyone's future reference. I also made a PDF of all the options for action sequences as everey link to one I could find was dead:

As for #1, I suspect it just a way of using some combo of options I just don't know, so any help there would still be, uh, helpful.