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Yanfly CTB Issue

Dunno if anyone will know this buuut...

Tryin' Yanfly's CTB system and everything works fine.... except I can't seem to get actually pushing enemies back in the turn order (usually the biggest thing in such systems) to work. <CTB Order: +x>, <CTB Speed: -x>, whatever, nothing seems to work. I can affect any turns past their current with a speed lowering state but actually moving them anywhere (as seen at 6:03 in it's video here:

I can't seem to find this specific issue online either so... I'll try here, I guess.
Okay, it took a helluva lotta fanagleing but it turns out the Skill Core is doing something. When it's off CTB's fine.

Bur now I can't use HP cost for skills or skill cooldowns, which I was using so... One issue solved but now there's another...

Edit: I am literally the dumbest dumb to ever dumbly dumb about the place dumbly. Outdated plugins. Why do I never check to make sure all the plugins are up to date first?! Find the thing that's wrong and CHECK!

Feel free to ridicule me. I guess at least no one's time was wasted but mine.
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It happens to the best of us @Naterkix trust me. I've messed up a lot of stuff in my time before checking the common issues first lol.