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"Who's Santa" a KungFu RPG on Greenlight!


Kungfu Santa in Action!

"Who's Santa" Greenlight page! Light us UP!

Disgraced by hateful Christmas Tweets, it's time for Santa to clear the confusion over his name with Kung Fu!

Imagine a comic book and an arcade game from back in 90's. Now imagine they had a baby. That's "Who's Santa," a short & enjoyable arcade-style RPG with sassy characters to keep things fun. Globe-hop between countries, master the Art of Funky Crane, Tiger, Monkey and more to show em' all, Who's Santa.


Main Features
◾ Play as Santa with Kung Fu Crane Stance, Tiger Stance and more!
◾ The graphics will make you think a Comic Book and an Arcade Game from the 90's had a baby.
◾ Thwart Kangaroo (& other enemies) to prove you're not an Animal Abuser.
◾ Learn Traits by equiping Fancy & Punky attire.
◾ Visit 4 different countries to prove Santa is not a Communist. He just likes Red.
◾ Face a "Trumpy" Kid with your Epic Flying Eagle Stance!


"Who's Santa" Greenlight page! Light us UP!
Thanks a TON!
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