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VIP Memberships?


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Resource Team
How effective do you find VIP Memberships on your site? Have you every had VIP members, or paid memberships on your forums?


I've had premium memberships on forums and websites in the past, although they've never really been too successful. I had one general discussion forum where I sold a few memberships but overall they aren't the best money maker. You would definitely need a large and active forum for them to be attractive to your users
I have a paid membership on my forum as well, but so far I haven't had any takers. I have 2 tiers of it and one is more suited for webmasters and forum owners wanting a little more exposure, the prices are pretty affordable IMO, but then again I've just restarted my forum not long ago so it's still pretty small right now. We will see how successful it is in the future.
I have a Patreon page which works like a VIP thing. In other words, drummers wanting advanced lessons can sign up as "patrons" and get what they want.

Anyway, this whole thing simply hasn't had enough time/cash for development - so no takers. Well, I do have a lot of free content, but there isn't enough paid stuff - and also enough marketing (building a list, buttering up the list etc..).

O.K., as a final thought. VIP memberships aren't always about profit, though. Some owners just need to pay maintenance costs. Is that anyone's situation?