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Untitled Project

Note: I'm running into an issue with this forum's ability to post pictures. I am working on the fix right now.


Let me quickly introduce myself. My name's Joshua, and I've been an amateur game designer for many years. I've worked with several game design programs such as RPG Maker XP, MV, and Game Maker, as well as having done design starting from scratch using Visual Basic, C++, and even Excel, having created a working game in MS Excel for a final project back in college!

I currently hold two degrees, one in English, and one in Technology. I've written short stories in university, have had poetry published in two poetry books, and had been asked by my English professor to write for the university paper (I didn't have the time then). This I believe, coupled with countless hours reading and writing, rounds out my abilities at both quality writing in terms of coherency, consistency, and grammar, as well as story-boarding and keeping things sounding crisp and clean.

I've done extensive game design research and study, including but not limited to elements such as powercreep, mudflation, story design, character design, and more. I've also developed some skills in pixel art and editing, music and sound creation, video editing, and animation, further rounding out my abilities.

This is my largest RPG Maker project--a currently untitled game I've been working on now on and off for several years. To showcase just some of what I've created thus far, I wanted to display just a few screenshots (entirely unedited) showcasing some of this game's locations, as well as a list of how large and detailed these places are.

Here is a section of Lansia, the first major city.

And here are several screenshots from some recoloring/sprite edits that I've done.

What does this project hope to accomplish? Well, I'm glad you asked! My goal has always been the creation of an extremely thoughtful, detailed rpg experience. The player can interact with a lot within the world, from searching bookcases, to NPCs changing what they have to say as the story progresses. Secrets abound, and I continue to add and polish even the oldest locations constantly!

Can I help? I would like to help! I would love assistance! So I'm glad you asked! (You guys sure are positive and helpful here!)

Thus far I've done 100% of the work myself, but I'm always looking for individuals who can create professional-quality sprites, sounds, music, or scripts that can further enhance the world. Ultimately, the goal of this project is to sell it as a stand-alone, high-quality RPG created 100% by RPG Maker MV--on Steam. The price would be set very low, but I believe that with a LOT of love and effort, an excellent quality creation can warrant a couple of dollars!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me here on the forums. This is my first time ever reaching out across any medium regarding this project, as I finally feel that it's at a stage where it's ready to be opened up for viewing, and for a serious consideration from those who could potentially enhance the project alongside me.

Keep in mind that anyone with professional quality skills that would work well with this project would receive full credit for all of their work, and would receive a percentage of any sales should the game complete and become successfully sold!

Thank you for your time!
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Hi there! Sounds like you have a lot of mad skills!
If you ever make a little demo of the game I sure would like to try it out :)