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Time and Time Again - By Red Eon Studios ⏰

The heart-wrenchingly emotional RPG that will take you on a journey of love, loss and friendship, giving you memories you can't possibly forget!

Hi there! I'm TheNerdRed, lead developer and writer of Red Eon Studios. We are currently developing Time and Time Again, a new RPG which will focus on story-telling, characters and puzzles, operating entirely without an EXP grinding system - meaning you get to do fun boss fights, puzzles and more, without the level grind.

Our Story

The story is set in the village of Ubin Falls and its surrounding area. Our two main characters, Zenath and Ella, are taken in by this village and its residents, and slowly they become part of it. However, one day, events set in motion long ago are accelerated when time starts to shift and move out of place...and history changes with it.

Zenath and Ella must put their friendship to the test as they uncover the secrets and mysteries surrounding the world they thought they once knew...and sacrifice things they never thought possible.


The game will feature:

A truly thrilling and immersive story with an intricate cast of characters!

Beautifully designed maps and areas to explore, meet the NPC's, learn about their lives and immerse yourselves in their dialogue!

Fun and challenging puzzles, such as cannonball fights, pushing orbs and casting spells (as an alternative to battling) to defeat the various bosses and progress through the puzzles.

Tons of fun, hidden easter eggs to various other games and pop culture references. Some super secret ones too, spanning across multiple maps!

Some planned features for the game, and its future, are:

Multiple sets of fun collectibles for the postgame, such as NPC-written letters, rare artifacts and flora!

Free future content-updates containing extra playable ‘secret episodes’, more additions to the story or extra game mechanics!

Community-driven events and competitions to win prizes and money!


Meet Zenath; our games protagonist. He is a quiet-minded person with a secret love and desire for adventure. He is cautious of the dangerous world around him, and often looked after his little brother while back in the Three Streams Valley.

But is everything there is to Zenath as transparent as it seems?
TO BE ADDED TO THIS THREAD: Showcase video, map showcase video and Kickstarter link.

If you like the look of our project and wish for it to succeed, please support us by leaving some good comments or suggestions on this thread, joining our discord (
https://discord.gg/4xUjUuj ) or spreading the word about us to friends!

Thanks! : )


i like the sprite! No other screenshots?
Hi there. Unfortunately, as of now we only have unfinished screenshots of maps, and other sprites the same. If you would like, I can send you privately these images, but if you want the versions that will actually look decent, they will be on this thread hopefully soon.

Thanks for replying!