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There Are Voices.

Isn't it great! When your family goes away for the weekend leaving you home alone... It's party time right? Right?

Well... In Effy's case it is far from it. Coming from a broken home, Effy tends to have a bad relationship with her family... especially her little sister, Lilly, and instead of enjoying the weekend to herself, it looks like some creepy babysitting is going to be one of her many chores...
Lilly is far from normal, in fact, she's down right evil, and Effy has always known it. Maybe it's the imaginary friends...
Though the weekend could be good for some sister bonding... no?

There Are Voices is a Horror based around one girls struggle with life and the supernatural. You take the lead role of Effy who is tasked with looking after the house and her little sister for the weekend, but things soon take an eerie turn the more time she spends with Lilly... Effy soon learns that they are not alone in the house, and that Lilly's imaginary friends are not so imaginary.
Soon enough Effy's life is in danger.

The game is designed with a deeply immersive story and with secrets ad twists around every corner within the creepy atmosphere of always being watched by the Voices, and the Humans associated with them

Classic RPG Horror.



The game takes place in Louisiana, US in 2016... Although it is not mentioned as yet within the game.
Effy gets to explore several indoor locations so far...
The game also takes place within 3 different Dimensions.

The Human World: where Effy struggles with her normal life and where the Voices interact by seemingly Paranormal Activities.
The Dream World: where the Voices can manipulate their surroundings and hunt you down, and where nothing is what it seems.
Purgatory, or Limbo:
where the Voices live, and where it is easy to become isolated and lost, with an ever increasing danger of encountering the Voices in their true domain.

More to the Story
  • Effy is 16 years old, the main character and lead role. A smart, witty and intelligent girl who is caught up in something beyond her control. She's just finished school and is currently unemployed and has no intentions of further studies, her life seems to be stuck in limbo after her parents divorce.
  • Lilly is 13 years old, the little sister of Effy, a kid with some issues who may or may not have gotten mixed up in some disturbing Cult activity...
  • Victor: A friend of Effy who struggles to understand but is always there to help.
  • Varik Liakos: Found Online in a coming update, information about him is classified.
  • Odie and the Family... Coming to get you? Oh I mean coming soon ;)
  • The S**** **** (Blurred out for safety reasons)
  • The Voices: There are many Voices in the game, some humans would consider them as Ghosts although there is far more to them than simply being a deceased human. The Voices reside in another world and can interact with humans through the dream world. They are very powerful with unique and different abilities, I don't want to give too much away about them...
  • Various other Characters the Effy meets, not worth mentioning them.

More to the Story

It's not all about babysitting the demonic child sister, the story is very deep and highly immersive, Effy has to eat, wash, and perform her household chores, as well as sleep. She will need to keep her wits about her, every choice has a consequence, and could lead to an untimely death. Certain choices will lead to different locations and story branches. The further she goes the more complicated and more dangerous it gets. There are/will be huge twists to the story, and one twist that'll be in the next update will completely throw the game into a new dynamic.

-As you will see, I have used a fair amount of the base game assets although I have also used many of my own too.
-I am in the process of changing the Placeholders IE: the Music, SFX, some assets etc.
-I am sticking with the characters since I like the original RMMV look, but I do edit certain things making them a little different.

And stuff and things!