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The Unknowns Saga vol 4: hypnagogic hallucinations

The 4th volume of the Unknown series, everyone is taken to a strange world that is not earth, all separate into teams. A ruler does not wish to see anyone unless they took down the immortal dragon Dragoite. As the team progress they learn more about the king and world but soon everyone did different things that cause some of them to be criminals. It is up to the newest Unknown to help everyone, find the cause and finish within the few hours.

The game is very story based, while you can fight immortal monsters it is highly not recommended. If you play correctly you may play up to 20 playable characters (you can only have 4 battlers because it would break the gameplay if 20 were playing thus killing a boss in 1 round).

Each character has different powers and advantage something that seems like a useless power might help in other events in the game.

Somewhat a big world to explore and all cities/village have different stories for you to discover.

That is my idea for the game i'm making, i don't have plans to build weapons it is just all magic and planning for the player to do. Some puzzles but not too hard. tell me what you think.