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[SOLVED] Need help with in-game save ERROR!

So I've been working on a game for the past couple weeks and I have the UPP Parallax Pro Plugin and its been working great...until I finally tried to save my game. It gives me a TypeError: "Cannot set Property 'Sprite' of undefined". After some testing I discovered that the plugin was causing the problem. If it runs even once in the game it errors while saving. I'm confused because it seems this is a well reviewed plugin. Any help is appreciated as I do not want to redo all my overlays and parallaxes with a different plugin.7938
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Nevermind. Got in touch with the creator of the plugin. Apparently this has been happening with more than one of his plugins. Unfortunately he's not planning on fixing this so I'm gonna have to switch to a different overlay plugin. Just thought I'd post the outcome for anyone else who may encounter this problem in the future. :D