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Simple Row System

Okay (hopefully this is the right section) I've got a thing I can't seem to find any real answer for, so I'll see if anyone here might know.

So, I'm using Yanfly's Row Formations plugin and need help setting up how the character's are displayed in their rows. I'm only using 2 (default was three) since I want to use a basic "more attack less defense in front; less attack more defense in back" setup.
Currently, it's set up makes it look like this:

However, what I'd like (and can't figure out) is a setup more like, say, Final Fantasy VI where they'd be in the normal lineup with the sideview battle system but slightly to the right for characters in the back. So, something like this if viewed from the side (Front Row= FR Back Row= BR:

The actual status differences seem to be working, it's just aesthetically what I want. I've been able to move the actual group of characters around by messing with the equations in the plugin's set up but don't know how/if this can be done. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I am not sure you can but my advice is to head over to Yanfly's site and read up on it there or message yanfly personally. I will say this sometimes it takes Yanfly a bit to respond back so be patient. I have gotten messages back in a day or two and then some taken a week or two...just be mindful of that. Best I can offer, I tried it a while back but just deemed it too involved for what I need.
I did check that video and the website when I downloaded the plugin. As far as actually contacting Yanfly, I can't seem to find any kind of email address or anything. It's probably not there to limit the amount of emails from people like me who have zero programming knowledge asking a buncha stuff.

I'm guessing it might be something to do with the equations for the "Home X/Y" for each row but... I guess I'll mess around with 'em a bit, see if I can come out on top in a battle against math I'm unsure of.

if I break it too badly, I can just delete and re-install the plugin. If I make any progress, I'll put it here if anyone else ever needs it. Though I dunno if that'll actually happen.
Welp, after hours of faffin' about, messin' with equations and such (including trying stuff that I'm not even sure if it's actually something the system can use) I've concluded (or confirmed to myself?) that I have no idea what the sweet, tasty hell I'm doing. I'll probably just go with the way it is now. It does make a little more sense that you'd be harder to hit or whatever if you're standing behind other people instead of slightly to the back, even if it isn't what I had initially intended.