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Shadowstar - Shout of Justice

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Major Minty

I don't have any screenshots of this game as this is just the start of development. I've already done plenty of editing, don't worry. The custom elements are already programmed in!
Anyway, this is an MLP fan game based on "Cupcakes" by Sergeant Sprinkles and the sequels by Raritybelle. This is to be the FINAL CHAPTER in the Cupcakes series, just for you bronies out there. However, it is not Shadowstar's only journey.
About the character Shadowstar. She is a female alicorn colored ash-gray with purple hair and blue eyes. She is about Twilight Sparkle's size in comparison. Despite the fact that she has lived in Equestria for a long time, it's not where she comes from, as her mentor Mystique tells her. Mystique is a humanoid with blue skin, making her look holographic. She is an archer made in the Custom Character Generator, and is probably the only human to appear in the game. Where does Shadowstar come from? That's what Shadowstar herself wants to know, and though Mystique can detect she's not really Equestrian, she doesn't know where her student came from either. Mystique says the only way to find out is to find twenty-seven relics. Nine appear in each game of the Shadowstar trilogy. This game contains the Nine Relics of the Earth, which happen to be the relics that will exorcise Pinkamina. After finding these nine relics, Shadowstar is shown part of her lost memories. I'm not spoiling anything major!
WARNING: This game does contain jumpscares.
Worlds to visit in the upcoming demo:
Ponyville - the "home" of the player. You'll always return here after losing a battle.
Everfree - A creepy forest where you must train with Zecora to endure the trek to find the Relic of Magic.
Canterlot - Home of Princess Celestia. Luna had to go back to the moon, except this time she wanted to because of her surviving Pinkamina's attack by a hair. By going into the mines, you'll find the Relic of Honesty. This is the first time you encounter Nightmare Darkness, a hard-to-see version of Pinkamina that issues a completely different jumpscare from her counterpart.
Sea Pony Island - A secret world few ponies know about. (different from Mount Eris from the MLP Movie) Pinkie Pie's friends the Party Ponies escaped here to get away from her after she was possessed. Now, on the island accessible only from sea, lies the Relic of Laughter.
Pinkamina's cellar - The only place where you can talk to Pinkamina rather than get jumpscared by her. If your task is "Talk to Pinkamina", it is unlocked and you can enter. Then you can use the relics to get top-secret information from the demon who is possessing her. If your task is something else, the basement door will be locked.

Events to avoid:
Pinkamina grinning: If you see Pinkamina walking out in the open with a wide grin, don't get too close or you might get a jumpscare from her!
Nightmare Darkness: Same as Pinkamina, except harder to see due to her color palette. She is all black with red outlines and glowing eyes. She will most likely appear underground, where it's dark, and will move slower than Pinkamina for a little advantage. On rare occasions, if you have a certain item and haven't used it all up, you'll get a battle instead. If you lose, then the jumpscare follows. If you win, her event disappears from that map until you return.

I'd like to send a HUGE thanks to KillerMareGaming on DeviantArt for posting such awesome RPG Maker sprites for my game. You totally rock! I'll be sure to ask you for more stuff when I need it. Also it's worth noting that some tilesets are from users on this very forum, so kudos to you guys too!

I'll be posting screenshots of the game's development when it looks fit to do so. Right now I'm still building the worlds. If you'd like downloads of the game characters, check out my DeviantArt! https://lunarflarestudios.deviantart.com/ You'll find all the MLP sprites I made there. Here's the guy who has the rest. https://killermaregaming.deviantart.com/ He also has bases to make your own!
Keep checking back for new updates and, eventually, a demo version!
[doublepost=1525752238,1524975625][/doublepost]Quick update 5/8/2018: Decided to post this here. So the game is in progress, and developing is smooth, then I manage to rescue some files for my other game, BATIM World, also on MV. Therefore, I'm happy to say that both games are being developed at the same time, though they take place in different worlds. However, I'll be happy to post some progress on BATIM World too, and you'll see just how much of a Bendy fan I am: so much I'm detesting the new gamer trend, to be exact. Cuphead was too easy and too repetitive and not even scary. Am I too crazy? Sorry, this is the Shadowstar thread, more on that when I start the BATIM World thread. But don't worry! I'm still developing the Shadowstar trilogy so there will (hopefully) be REAL updates to the thread soon!