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RPG Maker Game Jam with Prizes


Staff member
This Monday, there will be a three week long game jam.


1. It must be made with an RPG Maker game engine.
2. Only RTP assets can be used. NO non-RTP resources including: images, audio files, plugins, scripts, etc., may be used. If it did not come with the game engine, it cannot be used. Character generators that came with the game engines are allowed. RTP assets from differing engines are NOT allowed. Everything must be made with the same game engine. Plugins allowed: AltMenuScreen, AltSaveScreen, Community_Basic, EnemyBook,ItemBook, MadeWithMV, SimpleMsgSideView, TitleCommandPosition, and WeaponSkill. Anything from the DLC folder is not allowed. Workshop items are not allowed. Even the Title Screen must be made with RTP.
3. The game must be ESRB 'E 10+' or 'E' rated. No profanity....
4. The game must be in English.
5. The game jam will last three weeks.
6. The game must not have been released before official announcement on itch.io .
7. Voting will be public.
8. Entering game jam gives consent that your game may be reviewed, and the reviews may be placed in forums and RPG Biz Magazine.

Current Prizes:
1. Eador: Masters of the Broken World ($19.99 value)
2. Retro Game Crunch ($9.99 Value)
3. Sonic Adventure 2 ($9.99 value)
4. Braveland Pirates ($2.79 value)
5. TBA