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RMMV Game Contest $300 + Prizes! All entries win!


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Salutations RMMVers! We have some exciting news to give you all! We're ravamping things, and what better way to do it by having a game development contest! On top of that we're giving away $100 in CASH prizes, and over $300 in prizes!

To enter simply comment below with your name, saying you will be participating, as well as the name of your team you will be using if you have one.


  • Everyone who enters will receive the Jungle Biome from @Starbird
  • Top 4th Place through 10th place will receive a random steam game!
  • 3rd Place will receive $15 Paypal + a game of their choice from a pre-defined list.
  • 2nd Place will receive $35 Paypal + two games of their choice from a pre-defined list.
  • 1st place will receive $50 Paypal + three games of their choice from a pre-defined list. As well as the following: The ability to work with the RMMV.co staff on finishing up the game, sponsorship, as well as promoting the sale of the game (If it meets Commercial guidelines) AS WELL as a personal interview from Indiexpo
  • Group Prizes for 10th - 1st differ. Everyone will get a game, 3rd - 1st will receive the same amount of gamesper person in the group.
The games list has over $2,000 worth of games on it, ranging from $1 games to $80 games. Trophies & badges will also be handed out to those who enter, and for 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners!

Date: From Today 2/7/2019 you will have until 5/1/2019 to complete your game.

Games MUST be started from scratch starting anywhere during the dates of 2/7/2019 - 5/1/2019. Any games found made before that, or after that will be automatically disqualified. If we find out it's done purposely you could be banned from future contests all together.

Length: The length of the game should be around 1 hour. Judges will spend 1 hour playing the game, anything after that will not be judged. This is to ensure that we're able to complete the judging in a timely manner.

Theme: The theme will be Jungle. Anything goes, as long as the majority of the game takes place in the jungle.

ALL content must either be yours directly, RMMV's default content, OR anything from the RESOURCE TAB

The game must be in compliance with RMMV.co's rules, as well as follow the TOS and Policies of RMMV (the program).

GROUPS are completely, allowed. And MUST be mentioned in this post with a tag of each user.

All members MUST be apart of the community!

There hast to be at least 20 participating people / teams in order for this to finish and prizes to be distributed. If there is less than that, the amount of prizes will go down significantly.

We will be judging games based off of the following:

Grammar, bugs, length, and overall polishness are some of the things we will be looking at for professionalism.

Story line, item interaction, minute details, combat are a few forms of gameplay we will be judging throughout the contest. This also includes Engagement, as well as Presentation. We're looking for how well your game looks, feels, and most importantly plays.

We're also looking at how much potential your game has. If we see that after only a few months your game has a lot of potential we will also be willing to work with you on helping to develop your game, as well as sponsor & promote it on our website, and social media.

After the contest:
Anyone who wishes to post their game on our website, as well as sell it if it is within our guidelines and has all commercial use items in it we will highly encourage. Those who place in the top of the games will also receive shout outs, and more! If there's enough potential we might even look at trying to add it on steam for you.

Go into the resources section, after that upload your game to the finished games section and have [Contest 4/2019] added to the end of the title. This way everyone will know the game was made for this contest :D

SPECIAL THANKS TO: 8093 for sponsoring with us! They've donated $20 to help the contest! Make sure to upload your game to their website by clicking their logo!
Use the tag #rpgmakermvco When uploading games to their website
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I'm very tempted to join in on this! This is restricted to RPG Maker engine correct? Or are entries using any engine allowed?