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[Review] Albion Online Sandbox Open World MMO (Outdated)


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Okay... okay... okay... Listen here you beautiful people. This game right here is one of two games I'm infatuated with right now. I only play 2 games currently and this is one of them.

Have you played Runescape? Not the new and terrible one, no, the old classic everyone loved. Yes? Did you like it? No? You weren't a member, that's why. Yes? okay, take that and times it by 5x!

Now, take the 5x runescape and add the an amazing sandbox feel to it... The game is absolutely fantastic, and now, it's time to explain what the game truly is.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG, everything in the game is player crafted and owned. From each individual shop in the towns to all the items you see in the auction.

The world is huge, consisting of three massive islands, I've been playing for three days and haven't left Thormouth, a city in the far left island...

I mentioned it being like runescape, and that is for the level system. Everything you do in the game has a level, however, the leveling system they had is a bit different than Runescape. In RS you have 1-99 with exp. On leveling up let's say woodcutting you unlock more axes. Most of that is the same, however, in Albion you don't have levels. You have Tiers T1, T2, etc. Novice is T1, in order to get T2 you have to chop down T1 trees *Rough Logs*, after you get x amount of fame (Equivalent to XP) you will level up to T2. This means you can either craft T2 axes (If you have crafting high enough), or buy them from the auction house. At this point you have to chop down T2+ trees. Unlike runescape, where you get XPfor everything, normal trees, etc. you will not be getting fame towards leveling up your woodcutting chopping down lower tier trees. Ontop of that, you also have a lot of skills you can do much like runescape, however not as much as rs. From what I gathered thus far from Albion is Woodcutting, Mining, Hammering? (It's like mining, however, it's stuff like sandstone), crafting, farming (Which you can farm both food and animals), skinning, and loads more to do!

As for the graphics, I have mixed feelings of this. The graphics of most of the game is great, and flows pretty well. This game is multiplatform and works with both major forms of mobiles. IOS, and Android, as well as both major operating systems Mac and Windows. With this I keep a lot of stuff in mind, the graphics of the game as stated are great for being on all platforms. I love the looks of the general scenery, however my biggest problem is the character model. It looks like it would be used in a 90's clay animation.

The sound is good, there isn't too much to complain about. If you're grinding anything it can get annoying at times as it's the same exact sound animation every single time you do something. If you're cutting a tree, fighting a fox, mining, gathering stone, etc. Over time it can become a repetitive sound that irritates you. You can here everything everyone else is doing as well as every mob/monster. If you have 20 foxes running around you here 20 footsteps, a group of people mining will display a group of mining sounds, etc. It's both good and bad, as it can become annoying, however, it's realistic, and helps immerse you into the game a bit more in my opinion. It's one of those things I enjoy, yet have some problems with. All in all though it's fine.





Final Rating:

Despite the graphics, and sound in my eyes this game is a must play for any MMO player who loved to play runescape back in the day. My buddy Cody and I have been looking for the perfect game where the players are the ones that run everything, run the shops, make the items, etc. without any NPCs whilst having a wide variety of skills like runescape. This was just some fantasy of ours we agreed would never be made, however, this game is the closest I've seen, and is something I'm planning on playing fully when it is finally released. Even though it's closed beta and they wipe everything every few months and will wipe again upon release, it is still a blast to play! I highly recommend checking it out either now, or when the game is finally released.

Notice: this game is in closed beta, and this will eventually become outdated, as well as keep in mind that anything displayed from this game is not the finished product. We will be doing another review on the game upon release. All characters from the closed beta will be wiped and reset once the release the game as well, so keep in mind that when you play, everything you do won't be saved permanently until after release.

Original post found here: http://gamehandout.com/xfa-blog-entry/albion-online-one-of-the-best-mmos.148/