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Retro B&W MV Tilesets (All but SF)

Retro B&W MV Tilesets (All but SF) 2016-01-04

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MinisterJay submitted a new resource:

Retro B&W MV Tilesets (All) - Tilesets retro-fitted for gloomy or dark scenarios.

Retro B&W actor and battler need maps that fit their special needs. All of the standard RPG Maker MV tilesets have been retro-fitted and made black and white.

Here is a Dungeon_C Sample:

View attachment 1479

Here is an Inside_B Sample:

View attachment 1480

Here is an Outside_A2 sample:

View attachment 1481

Here is a World_C Sample.

View attachment 1482

Credit MinisterJay and RPG Maker MV for these resources.
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It's so dark....that's not water, that's lava!
Non-glowing lava would be messed up. Heheheee.
Very true lol. "Let's go for a swim! The water must be amazing here." NPC: "Um....that's actually lava...." I can see it now! lol
I think I'll use this in my game! One part is in total B&W because it's in a world of 20's cartoons... I think you can guess where I'm going with it if you like horror games...
Yep, it's a Bendy fan game. I don't have it in the forums yet but it'll be worth the wait! I'll be sure to credit you too.