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Hello everyone, i'm currently working on an RMMV project and is looking for any Volunteers who are interested in working together!

here's a little overview of the project:

General Information & Gameplay

The game will be a semi-roguelike (step-by-step movements with battle sequence) RPG with a dark medieval fantasy theme, the plots and stories will explore moral-gray areas of a warring era on the continent.

I'd like for the game to follow episodic release system that release each chapter through patch update so that it will be more manageable.

Abandoning the general Level System altogether, the progress of character will heavily relied on Paths of skills (skill tree) that you need to discover throughout the game. And depends on which path(s) the player progress the most, the storyline may open and/or close some potential branches which decides how the plot will take shape.

[For example; after the completion of different main/side quest player may unlocked the path of informant or knight, progressing on the path of informant will let the players explore more of the politics side of story while the knight explores more of the battlefield]

Players also have the choice of progressing the story through non-combat paths perspective and is possible to advance through minimal combat and different challenges.

Plot & Characters

On the continent of Alterra, after generations of peace, it has come to a point where a single spark of conflict might ignite the flame of war once more.

Some thoughts it was the inevitable.

Others advocates for peace.

The story follows Rune, a man living in the village bordering between two largest power in Alterra, when the first spark expose the world to him.

As was explained in the Gameplay, the game will have an extensive branches of storylines and endings along with a semi open world maps (no overworld) that give players more freedom of action.

The Main Character -- Rune's development will depend on players choice of action throughout the game. There will be no fixed party, each branches will have its own potential encounters.

Recruiting Positions

Because the game is still in its pretty early phase, i would really appreciate and welcome any positions that can contribute to the game. I would really love for the game to have its own original elements, so below positions are absolutely necessary :
  • Digital Artist : for the illustrations of the game's cutscenes, character portraits, title background, etc.
  • Pixel Artist : for original characters, sprites, and some icons.
  • Musician : for all the in-game musics.
  • UI Designer : creating original design for menus, title screen, etc.
Due to the nature of the game, i know the overall content will end up really huge, that's why I want to use the episodic release system, so volunteers with below positions are also greatly appreciated:
  • Writer : helps writing each branches of storyline, main/side quests, dialogues/scripts, etc.
  • Mapper : Drawing up amazing maps (ideally with added effects such as lightings, fog, sunspot, etc).
  • Eventer : helps with making events and database.
Other Informations

Firstly, of course, any and all contributions will be credited.

Also, I got PDFs with more detailed overview and explanation of the project for anyone interested.


here's a little bit of semi-roguelike step-by-step movements (this will only apply for enemies)

and then follows up with battle sequence.

Here is one of the finished maps

(So want to learn parallax mapping for better result!! ><)

Thanks for your attention :)
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Hello @RandomMakeGame~, that's great!! I've gotten some tileset recently so I'm thinking of mainly using that one in conjunction with the standard tiles.

If you're interested in working together, I can send you a more detailed PDF of the game and some screenshots of the maps I've done.