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Recruiting a Small Team for Tenebris and Lux

Hello RPG MAKER MV community! I am in need of help in order to make this project a successful and fun one. I am currently in the process of starting a mini studio so if anyone who helps (or helped) would like to continue working with me on more projects I would appreciate it very much. However, I am jumping the gun a lot so here is my first big game: Tenebris and Lux!

Synopsis & Goal

Tenebris and Lux is a turn-based JRPG game that uses the battle mechanics seen in Final-Fantasy Tactics and other grid-based RPG games. The target audience is the age range of 14-30. The plan is to create a game with enough content that a casual player (In our studio a player that either play game simply to have a pass-time. They are the players that invest time in the game but will usually have work or other responsibilities to “log” 30+ hours in a game) and hardcore player (All of that but with a lot more time on their hands) will feel that they have had a good gaming experience. Beside the grid-combat, another system in the game is the morality system. Certain actions that a player takes will change the overall morals of the player character, resulting in a shift in the interactions between characters. The story is also altered and changed throughout the game based on the overall morals of the character. The main story is centered around the player character being forced into a role that they have no intention of fulfilling. However, throughout the journey, the player character sees the impact that they have on the game world and slowly accept the fate that is presented to them. The goal is to complete the game by June of 2019, earlier if no delays are presented. I also wish to sell the game and plan on creating a Kickstarter in order to gain the funds to pay the people working on the game and to market the final project.

Plot and Characters
A long time ago, a great darkness filled the land, creating monsters and magic wherever it touched. It soon manifested into a human figure and was called by the people and monsters alike the Dark Lord, master of the darkness. However, the magic that filled the land was able to turn into two weapons, Tenebris, the sword of darkness and Lux, the shield of light. When wielded by the true hero, the Dark Lord has sealed away and peace return to the land. However, centuries later, the seal that was used to contain the Dark Lord broke and the land is now once again on the verge of falling into darkness. With the help of our hero and their companions, they will travel across the land of Stratos in order to restore balance...unless the hero chooses to fall to the power of the darkness.

Meet the Cast

Elijah/Katrina: The boy/girl options for the player character. They each have their own personal goals and motivations for leaving the village. Elijah wishes to be apart of the royal guard in hopes to learn about his family while Katrina no longer wants to continue the boring routine that she is forced to play. Over the course of the story, each character learns more about themselves which either leads them to become a hero, villain or true hero.

Mystic: Best friend of Katrina/ Love interest of Elijah, she is the “mage” of the group. Mystic has a more upbeat and positive attitude that helps balances Katrina’s more cynical and brash nature. She also gets very flustered when speaking to Elijah about his opinions on various relationships. Over the course of the story, you learn more about how she raised herself and was a self-taught mage in order to fend for herself in the rough world that they live in

Trevor: The assistance to Rote/ Love interest of Katrina. Trevor has a more uptight nature, very strict with rules and often is the voice of reason within the group. His skills training under Rote also makes his a better warrior despite his ability just being above basic. Throughout the story, Trevor learns to loses up a bit around the group and even develops feelings for Katrina. You also learn of his goals of becoming the head of the royal guard as well, creating a bit of rivalry between Elijah and Trevor

Gaal: A former commander in the Dark Lord and thief, Gaal has her face cover majority of the game and doesn’t give any hint of who they are in many regards. After a few failed attempt of stopping the group, the Dark Lord sets up an attack against her and the group. Gaal adds the team in need to survive and decides to help them stop her traitorous employer. Over the course of the game, you learn that Gaal was born into a village of thieves but she was outcasted for being a girl that wished to be something more than a thief. Toward the end of the game, she begins to open up more to the group, even removing her turban to help save a comrade. (Note: The turban isn’t any kind of religious items in this game, rather it represents the thieves code of mystery. I want to try to work this into a powerful moment when Gaal decides that it's ok for her to trust her friends through this journey)

Francis: A young priest boy who is devoted to the faith. Francis joins the group on a path of self-discovery and to understand more of the world around him. Throughout the game, you learn that Francis really went on the journey to escape priesthood as he began to have feelings contradicting the church. Francis no longer wants to be the perfect priest son but slowly learns that being perfect is an impossible task and accepts his flaws and becomes a better priest for it

(I will edit the post for some more major cast members but these are the characters the player will control)

Positions Available and Currently Filled

Now for the main event….JOB TIME! Obviously, anyone that has worked on the project will receive a free copy of the game and will get the credit where it is due. Each member will also receive a percentage of the profits after the game is released. The breakdown of the percentages will be posted at the end.

I will be aiding and working with the teams and will develop the game. I have worked in RPG Maker MV for about a year and have learned about eventing and creating the flow of the game. I have also worked on the general overview of the script at the most fundamental level. However, I need people of various talents who know more about the fields than myself in order to make this game the best that it can be.

Positions (Filled/Need): Description {Note: If you have the ability to, you can apply for more than one position}

Music and Sound Effects (0/2): We need some people who have some knowledge of music making and sound mixing. A preference of 1 year is nice and a test sound file will be needed for the application. It should be just something that you’ve done in your free-time, about 30 secs- 2 minutes. The style of music is yet to be determined and will be discussed during development.

Writers (1 /3): Writing is a critical part of the game as it is the overall story of the game. Someone who has an understands of script writing and/or creativity writing needed. A short script of 5-10 lines to apply. Be as wild and creativity as you can be and watch for grammar and other spelling errors. Must be writing in English, but knowledge of other languages will be considered.

Artist (0/3): Visual is a vital part that helps accent the mechanics and other game elements. Preference of 1 years or more in the art will be nice. Also if you are able to make tilesets, icons, or character faces that will also be a big help. To apply, submit a character sprite or piece of concept art based on your interpretation. Just like the music, the art style is also undetermined so whatever style you are good at is appreciated.

Game Testers ( 0/ 2): The job is self-explanatory. A lot of testing will be done throughout the game to make sure mechanics work so you’ll need to be able to explain problems in detail and have a fine eye for detail

Game Dev (1 /2): I will need an extra guy or gal that can help out with the development process. Knowledge of RPG Maker MV and version 1.5.2 is required. A small test game and project file submission to apply. The ability to make plugins will also be a big help but not required

Concept Art/Screenshots/Demos/Other Information

The link to the demo and screenshots are in this link.


Below is some concept art of the main cast. It was done by me so it' not the very best. The artist that I have is actually going to basic this summer so I had to do some character art to get an idea of what the people will look like. Thank you again for considering joining this project. A Discord server will be uploaded soon. (I was unable to include Francis and I do apologize about that)

Concept Art:
IMG_0413.JPG IMG_0411.JPG IMG_0418.JPG IMG_0484.JPG