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Paying for SEO


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Resource Team
What are your feelings on paying for SEO?

I personally pay for all of my SEO, on my other site I put in $30-60 a month on SEO at SEOClerks, and I'm ranked on the first page on about 80% of my keywords (The bigger ones for the most part) and the other 20% I'm on page 2-5.
Well, I'm glad the OP has things working out for him, but, myself, I'd be highly cynical about "paying for SEO" - even though, that's the only way to do it now. I mean, in the past, you could target certain phrases for free - and even make a little money.

Anyhow, what super-geniuses do they have on SEO Clerks, lol? How are they possibly getting around all the Google updates etc..? Of course, though, I cannot blame search engines for wanting high standards. In fact, even trashy sites - or ones using trash SEO - could rank in the past.