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Passibility on tiles that are half-transparent

Having issues with tilesets...


I'm running into problems trying to make it so that the player can brush up against objects such as this piano ^^ from the side. The player cannot get any closer to the piano than the length of a tile away (shown above, that's the closest they can get).

Is there a way to fix this?

The back of the piano works perfectly fine, covering up enough of the player to create a sense of depth, after tweaking the Passibility on the tileset: (using the Bush feature, Star)

This problem is giving me a headache. I'd really appreciate some help!
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Status Gear Entertainment

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What you're looking for is Passage (4 dir) on the tilesets tab


if you look at the dark piano on the right side you'll notice I clicked the arrows pointing outward. That means that passability coming from that direction (in reference to the piano's position) is allowable. Now you'll notice you will somewhat overlap it still but you will be much closer to that than the gap you posted in the photo.

But if you are looking for something better might I suggest Quasi's Pixel Movement
Thank you! Best movement plugin I've used thus far, and the collision mapping I'm going to have a lot of fun with. Already did a custom map just for the parlor. Feels much more realistic.