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Opus Converter Tool for RPG Maker MV


What's this?
This tool converts OGG Vorbis files to Opus files (using FFMPEG) and disguises them as OGG files. The tool preserves the audio quality and loop tags.

Opus has a more efficient compression versus Vorbis, while the quality is preserved. In the case of lossy to lossy conversion, it does manage to preserve most of the quality. It's helpful for people that want to reduce the game's space and nwjs (alongside most web browsers) will decode it correctly.

Download the FFMPEG tool ( https//ffmpeg.org ) and this tool. Run the tool and follow the instructions. Soon enough, the converted files will be on the output while also having the correct folder structure (provided that you picked the game's audio folder as the input). Due to the editor unable to decode Opus files (as far as I am aware), the tool is suitable for deployment. More details are in the included manual.

Download: itch.io
Source Code