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Need help on a battle event.

I tried Discord to talk to people about things but it didn't really work out much so, I'll try the forum again. I'm having trouble creating a certain event. The whole thing is, a character gives the player a potion that adds a "flawed" skill, named "Captain's Rage." What it's supposed to do is, once the skill is activated, the player unleashes a huge attack on all enemies but doesn't kill them. Then, the player is given a state that attacks himself 100% of the time until he is defeated. After, it goes to a cut scene where the character, who originally gave the overpowered skill to the player, heals him and gives the same skill with no negative effects.... how would I be able to make that happen?? Thank you in advanced.


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edit: i missed a couple steps the first time.

1. set up switch that determines whether Captain's Rage includes deleterious effects

2. set up switch (switch 2 from here) that determines whether char has learned safe use of Captain's Rage

3. set up Captain's Rage skill

4.. set up common event linked to Captain's Rage skill that checks for switch 2 state. conditional branch to trigger switch 1 based on switch 2

5. in troops > battle processing > set your condition to be the switch 1, span to battle (default) and in the battle processing itself, add Battle > Force Action > and finally select the action and the target.

6. when char is healed / instructed, turn off switch 1 and turn on switch 2.
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I understand a bit, but how do I set it up?? Sorry, this is my first game. I only know how to write a story, configuring everything is a bit difficult for me, unfortunately. Could you explain everything in great detail?? Sorry, once again.


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Hey no problem. This is going to be a bit ugly, but hopefully it helps.

Create New Event - on map, right click any square while in event mode, select new.

Top left, under conditions, click Switch checkbox

Next to checkbox, click button that opens Switches window

Choose two switches, in this case 0001 and 0002.

Name 0001 Captain's Rage Harmful
Name 0002 Captain's Rage Safe

Click OK on Switches window


Cancel out of Event window (Discard Changes to this Event? YES) you just want to get the switches set up

Both switches are OFF by default



For this example we're going to select 0001 Bat*2, which is a troop of 2 bats. The bats enemies are already set up by default. You'll change this according to your needs.

Click Conditions button

Check the Switch checkbox. Switch 0001, Captain's Rage Harmful

Click OK


Back on the Troops page, you will see a box with several lines in it. At the top is a black diamond. Double Click that line

At the top of the Event Commands window there are three tabs, 1, 2, 3. Click tab 3.

Under the label BATTLE you will see Force Action. Click the Force Action button.


We want Bat #1 to attack the Character in Index 1 (in this example. i think the index number corresponds to Actor ID, which is the order they are in in your database. Maybe he's the 3rd actor, so you select Index 3 -- again, i think this is how it works, not 100%. if this is wrong, there are other ways to handle it. but try this first.

Click OK.

You will now see Force Action : #1 Bat, Attack, Index 1

Double Click the next line, which will now also have a black diamond on it.


Repeat the process, this time for Bat#2.


Click Apply button.


Click on Common Events

open slot 0001

Type Captain's Rage Check in the Name box

Double click the line with the black diamond


in the Event Commands window, click on Tab 1

then click the Conditional Branch button

in Tab 1, the Switch radio button will be selected by default. Click the button and change the switch to 0002 Captain's Rage Safe

click the checkbox Create Else Branch


You will now have a condtional branch in your event.
Go down to the line below Else. Double click, under Tab 1 select Control Switches.
Set switch 0001 Captain's Rage Harm to ON.


Click OK

Click apply


Change maximum number of skills to 11 (or whatever, just larger than 10)

For our case, we're going to use skill slot 0011.

Enter Captain's Rage in Name field. Set up the damage however you want (this can wait)

Double click under Effects

Click on Other tab

Click radio button for Common Event

Select 0001 Captain's Rage Check in dropdown menu


Click OK

Click apply.

This is the basic set up. After the fight, you'll need to turn the switches back off using eventing. If you get stuck at that point, I can help, but you should be able to work your way through it. Just play around. You'll learn as you go.

At the point where the char learns to use the skill safely, set Switch 0002 Captain's Rage Safe to ON. This will mean that the check clears and it will not result in the char being targeted.

Again, this is just the bones of how you could do it. There might be other ways, for example by using script calls. But i think this is the easiest way for a beginner and it will help you understand how things are connected in the database, which is very important for getting the most out of RPG Maker.
I love the description you put for your Captain's Rage haha. I really appreciate this entire explanation but the captain didn't attack himself, unfortunately. Also, I'm not that big of a novice lol, thank you though. So, how I had it set up originally was, I created 2 states. The first was, I sealed the player's attack and guard skills so the player has nothing else to do but drink the potion to gain the skill and use it. This state is given to the player automatically before the battle starts. The second state is given to the player through a common event right after using Capt. Rage. This state is supposed to unlock the player's attack and when the player inputs that command, instead of hitting the enemy, he hurts himself over and over until he's defeated. Kind of like "Confusion" in Pokemon but no fixed chance. There are a few problems I kept running into though. Either, he's attacking automatically with no input until he's defeated, the attack and guard skills won't lock/unlock, or the player just doesn't move at all, regardless of the restriction in the state. I looked it up and saw that yanfly had a specific script for it, but, I have no idea how those scripts work and I end up breaking my game like 80% of the time trying to customize it lol. Just a random question, would you like to work on this project with me?? I mean, you do know a good amount of this stuff and I have been trying to finish at least a demo of it to post it up on here and share it with my friends but, not knowing this stuff is taking me a lot longer than I anticipated ha. If not, it's all good, thanks again. Oh and sorry for the late reply.


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Ohhh, I misunderstood. I thought the captain got attacked by all enemies relentlessly, not that he attacked himself. My bad!


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Let me look over this again when I'm at a computer. If yanfly has something that works, at least try it out. Those scripts are amazing and usually not too hard to implement. The scripting stuff I've done is not battle focused. The battle engine is notoriously tetchy. I'm certain there's a way to event this with maybe minor script calls. I'll be in touch again soon. Not sure I can commit to full participation on your project, but happy to help where I can.
Ha, na no worries, I should've explained it better, but dude! I got it!! ha, It was a Scope Change that I had to manipulate once a state is applied to the user. All I had to do was install these 2 plugins by "Hime" and write a note tag in the regular attack. It really was a lot easier than I was making it seem. I'm pretty stoked, now that I can move on from this spot and go back to writing out my story ha. I understand and thank you, I'll take all the help I can get. At least when it comes to scripts/plugins.