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Lockheart Indigo


Towns Guard

A private-eye must deceive a rich family
into revealing their darkest secrets,
before the killer amongst them
silences everyone.

~ Story ~
"There once was a mansion,
Full of robots.

There once was a couple,
They loved each other a lot.

There once was a secret,
The family kept under lock.

There once was a detective,
Who easily could be bought."

~ Characters ~
Beatris Summers
Occupation: Private Detective
Age: 19
Likes: Cats, “Déjeuner Croissant et Café Noir” at Nicky’s, & Cold Cash
Dislikes: “Emotions”, “Intellectuals”, & Babies

Aya Volkov
Occupation: Widow
Age: 32
Likes: Luxury, History, & Wine
Dislikes: Weakness, Vulgarity, Simple Minds

Evan Volkov (Deceased)
Occupation: Business Owner
Age: 43
Liked: Movies, Dogs, & Wine
Disliked: Apathy, Jazz, Simple Minds

Ivan Volkov: The Businessman
Yvon Volkov: The Handy-man
Nasha Volkov: The Genius

Jarey Gracy: The Private-Eye
Jackson Spillman: The Caretaker

Lloyd Volkov: The Son
Keit Bridges: The Assistant

~ Features ~
  • Mansion
    • 5 floors (5 x 5 rooms each)
    • Map (Explored Areas)
    • Locks & Keys
  • Investigation
    • 7 Suspects
    • 3 Witnesses
    • 16 clues
  • Interrogation
    • Unlockable Testimonials
    • Persuade a suspect to reveal secrets using "Psycho Skills"
    • 12 Personality Traits (To clue you as to which Psycho Skill to use)