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Items only usable after achieving class level

Hey guys, new here.

I am trying to make specific items usable only on certain classes that had reached a level requirement. For example:

(Class) can use a (item name) at (level)

Which will activate a common event when used. I have the common event and class restriction working perfectly, but how do I restrict items only to specific Levels?

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I'm not sure about items but equipment like weapons and armor we can for sure. I don't know if there's a plugin for it or anything but I found out how you can do it through events.


Here this will check for that specific Hero -> Their specific class -> Their specific level -> and if all else fails, then force remove it from them.

But if you are trying to do something like the class itself has a level, you might have to create a whole thing for that. Like a variable for that specific hero and class and whenever you grant EXP from winning, you also add values to that variable like it's own version of EXP.