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Investing in domains & Websites?


Staff member
Resource Team
Who here has purchased domains, or made websites for the sole purpose of selling them. I'm starting to look into it, as I have some high valued domains, and some good ideas for websites. Let me know if you've ever done this, and if so, how has it worked out for you?
I'm a bit cynical about it now. I mean, I did have a tool to judge the best domains for selling - but even with this: it's a nearly impossible market. Anyway, as with other businesses - I'd say the solution is developing a huge list of leads. However, though, I'd rather focus the lead-listing stuff for my drumming projects. I mean, I simply don't have time to do both.

Anyway, as far as selling sites is concerned, I'd say the same thing applies. In other words, it's impossible - the only way around is some targeted list.