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Huru From the "Guru" ("Burke's Backyard" reference there!)



Damn right you are. And, I will be your teacher. And, yes, Ferris Bueller will be back and centre in the classroom, probably dozing off again.

Hello to y'all. I am new to the whole RPG Maker MV realm, and I have just started utilising various resources to populate my new "project". It is in the vein of old SNES rpg "Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals", except with cats and dogs in the place of heros like Maxim, Talim, Guy and Dekar. Yes, I am an animal person. I REALLY love my cats and dogs, but not the movie whose title is contained in this sentence.
In the game I am creating, I have created three maps - one world (the imaginitively titled Cat Land), an apothecary (weapons shop) and an underground passageway. I also have created my first few battle sequences too. Woohoo. :D The RPG is tentatively titled "Salechi RPG" - don't ask me what Salechi is in English as I don't think it is even a real word. Lum (my "Not Real Word" of the day).

From one noob to the entire community, I will begin this journey right at the very beginning of the proverbial Yellow Brick Road. Hopefully I will reach the Emerald City before Sundown. I will be riding this uber-possessed steed of mine right through to journey's end.

And with that, "The World has been put right, as it has been (Ben)Demonised, TONIGHT!"


Resident Dragon
Welcome to the sheer insanity we like to call the forums! :D Feel free to ask any questions you may have, for we are all here to help! :D
[doublepost=1476151884,1476151843][/doublepost]Also, yes. I approve of the Burke's Backyard ref. :D


the Eternal Lord in the Nothingness
I came for the horse. I stayed for the horse. You can leave... just leave that steed of yours here.

Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your stay here. I wish you the best of luck with your project.