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Hunters and Heroes Ad-Free Forever [Paid] 1.2

No permission to buy (CA$0.99)


~Z~ submitted a new resource:

Hunters and Heroes Ad-Free Forever - A Classical JRPG Featuring 6 Classes, 12 Prestige Classes, 180 Recipes, Fishing, Farming Crafting!

Featuring 6 Starting Classes: Squire, Warrior, Archer, Rogue, Solar and Lunar
With 12 additional Prestige Classes available from level 10 on.

Crafting and Equipment Upgrade systems for customizing gear with 180+ Recipes while switching classes on the fly to utilize more then 96 different abilities!
Over 16 Hours of game play for only $1

In Hopes Of Proving Ones Worth,
They Must Start A Journey...
Your journey begins in a small homestead...
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