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How do i make my Custom 32x48 Sprite work?

I uploaded the picture here.

How do i get this to work? I put it in the Characters folder but when i try to use it on the Character it just shows half of her Face.
I don't really understand what you are trying to do.
Many of the images are array of sprites. If you need bigger size just scale everything up.
For example the default char is 12*8 array. If you need to do 32*48 instead of 32*32, you have to make the image height 48*8 instead of 32*8.

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Isn't 48x48 a standard tile size? If you're smaller than that rocking 32x48 you should have no problem following the size of a block.

That means if you do 48 * 3 (because there are 3 sprites: Walk Left, Stand, Walk Right) then you get 144 wide.
If you do 48 * 4 (because there are 4 sprites: Down, Left, Right, Up) then you get 192 tall.
So you can easily rock a 144 x 192 sprite sheet.

If you want to be exact with your character then it's 96 x 192.

If you're only getting half of your character's face, it means that the alignment of your sprites aren't correct. Adjust them accordingly.