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I'm a bit new to this it would be great if I got to know how things work here.


This is the unofficial forum for rpg maker MV. This site is both for socializing and actually getting help with your project or on how to use rpg maker. Xyphien is the owner and runs the forum, he's cool. I just been around since 2015 learning as much as I can. If you're trying to get something accomplished just find the right thread and ask your questions. It's not quite as active as the official forum but it's nice and cozy here. Down to earth.

Also if you're new to rpg maker completely, I can give you a crash course.


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Welcome to the forums @Jojojx! Glad to have you in this fantastic community. We're all here to help you with your endeavours, so if you have any questions, or need any assistance at all, don't be afraid to ask! Remember, the only silly question is the one never asked. :)