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Hi everyone!
You can call me orange~
I'm a game developer / graphic designer from Finland.
The reason I got here is because I find myself getting deeper and deeper sucked into the world of RPG Making. I actually have a long history with the engine. I started back in the elementary school with RPG Maker 2000 and 2003. I used to be semi-active at Don Miguel's board as well as at gamingw. Later I got into Game Maker more and briefly tried out RPG Maker XP.

Then I had almost 10 year gap without doing next to nothing with game making until getting back to RPG Maker when I had to do a school project concerning graphic design. I started this game project there that has since evolved into a very serious effort in indie gaming.

I think I'm pretty good 2D graphics artist and I've also gotten more into sound design lately.

Looking forward to a new RPG Maker community. I haven't heard about this site before!