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How do you like my first map?

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Hey RMMV members!

I'm new to the community here, but not to RPGs or the concept of making them. I think it was back in 2001 or 2002 that I first came across Don Miguel's RPG Maker 2000, and started playing around with it, learning how to script and design maps.

I've been playing RPGs since Final Fantasy 1, where I first fell in love with them, and consider FF2 (US) to be my favorite, loving the story of the Dark Knight, Cecil and his struggle to become a Paladin.

I'm presently working on a game titled "Eternal Saga", and will be using as many resources from the community as I can in its creation. Here is my first area, Luthoria Village:

Of course there are no doors yet, as they are handled as events, but you get the idea. Luthoria is a quite little village, with a stream running through it and swaying palm trees (though they don't actually sway in game). I'm taking advantage of Parallax mapping, and my Photoshop skills to create unique maps that still have that RMMV feel to them.

Here's an introduction to my game:

Eternal Saga

In the small island village of Luthoria, the young girl, Kaya, lived out her days, playing and adventuring with her best friend, Coco. They enjoy hunting, fishing and foraging together in the area surrounding the village, until one day the long dormant volcano, Mount Ashgar, began rumbling after remaining silent for thousands of years.

Kaya and Coco go off together, despite the warnings of their elders, to see what has disturbed the mighty Ashgar from its slumber.


I want to say thank you, first to Kadokawa for making this possible; second to all of you community members who are churning out content, free to use and otherwise; and third I'd like to thank Fallen Lorelei for her series of tutorials. All you guys rock! And I hope to be a member of this community for years to come.

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Hi @biggislims , and welcome to the forum. Thanks for the nice introduction. You might get more response to your project in Projects Under Development. Looking forwards to seeing you around the forum.