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Hello folks ^^

Sorry for not being active, but am really working on my first video game (among others - like learning JavaScript, how to draw, improving own Japanese, learning how to use ComiPo!, etc.)! Which, typically of me, will be a huge one. I am thinking of (once I finish this small part of the game) to up it somewhere on this site (will see how to do it when the time is right) to get some criticism - this part I am working on is probably going to be the largest, because it has the largest maps in it).

<> Now, since I presented the idea, a lil' more spoiler will be that the game will feature "the exploration and understanding of Consciousness", mainly be a Visual Novel with some RPG assets here and there (this part I am working on will be a Visual Novel, however, I'll have fun combining the VN assets with RPG Maker MV's moving around capability). The game will also share some, if not most or all the wisdom I have gathered in life :)

<> So the question that's been bugging me is simple... I haven't found anything on how to do this, probably because I don't know how to search for an answer (although I did) or most surely because I did not use the correct wording.

- So I will be interested in creating an "Emotional Simulator" that will include many Variables. All of them will be fixed at start (based on the 1 of 5 playable characters, only 1 character per time). There will be a few though which are the important ones. When these 2 or 3 ones change, they also change some others.

Example: Choose character X at start. X is unimportant, they all have same Variables, just different values.
I will have, say 10 Variables, named 1 - 10.
How do I make a Conditional to change Variables 2, 3, 4 and 5 (or as many required) if Variable 1's value increases or decreases by a said value: be it "1" for example, or through another Variable? Also, how can I create more complex calculations through Variable values? Like variable.value[1] * ( variable.value[2] - variable.value[3]) / variable.value[4] times variable.value[5].

The Conditional I'd be interested in making is something like... (Dunno why, it sounds so simple yet the answer keeps eluding me)
If Variable[1] = Variable [1] + 1 or something, then the increasing of the other Variables would be easy. But I don't seem to find anything about introducing this in a conditional. Is there a direct way, or should I be looking for a plug-in for this? Thanks and hugs >:D<


I'm not sure exactly what you are wanting but that might just be me.
I'm not an expert and I'm sure there will be people on here with better answers but I will give it a shot on how I would do something like this.

Bob reads a poem and makes him smile. +3 happy, -1 anger.

I would use Key items and turn them invisible so the player can not see them but they will be there.
Make a key item for each emotion. Happy, Anger, Jealously, Sad, etc.

So you would get 3 "Happy" items and -1 "Anger" item. (For reading the poem)

Then I would make an event that you activate by walking over it.
(Lets say when you first walk into the Inn)

I would have a Control variable, Single. Call it "Happy Times"
Operation: Set
Operand, Game Data, Item "Happy", Possession Count.

After that I would then add under the control variable a Conditional Branch:
Conditional Branch, Variable, Select "Happy Times"
and select the more then symbol. >
Turn on Constant and add the number of "Happy" you want for the
event to run. (Let's say 3)
Then turn on "Create Else Branch"

If you walk into a Inn and have 3 Happy or more you will enter the Inn with a smile on
your face and the bar maid will start to flirt with you.

Or else

If you do not have 3 Happy you enter the Inn with a frown and the bar maid
is dismissive and charges you double for a room.

Not sure if this helps or even if that is what you are after, but that's what I would do.
Turn the emotions into key items.
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Thank you for your reply! It is a neat and simple idea you came up with ^^ though the point I want to do is simple:
There will be a "reputation" variable whose values are between -50 and 100 or any similar values.
Characters that are playable (5) have a set initial value :) But their list of "emotions" will also include a few variables that are dependent on "reputation" itself. So if this "Reputation" Variable increases by 1 (let's say), some of the other Variables will change as well. And the question is: "how do I create the Conditional for this?" XD

Still wondering for this question, though I might think of something similar to your idea. I have already thought of hidden items for quests, to mark their completion, in case a player has to move to other maps. You know, when you return, everything resets, but having those items won't allow the quests to be done again, or may easily signal the beginning of a quest on a map for an NPC in another map (because you have a corresponding item).