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Have you played Dark Cloud 1+2?

Would you like the Dark Cloud weapon system as a MV plugin?

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What did you like about Dark Cloud 1+2?
Favorite Part?
Disliked Stuff?
Would you like to see the weapon system in MV as a plugin?

For those who don't know the weapon system here is a summary.
- Each weapon had at least 1 gem slot. Usually 2, at most 3.
- You would equip gems to increase stats and sub-stats (effectiveness to undead)
- The weapon had a level and when it leveled up it absorbed the gems. The stat change was permanent after the level up. This allowed you to add more gems.
- Every weapon could evolve into a stronger one if the stats were high enough. You would get the stats where they needed to be by using the gems. That way you would selectively boost the stats that you needed to evolve the weapon.
- At level 5 and beyond you could turn the weapon into a gem itself. The gem would only have 30% of the weapons stats to prevent you getting too powerful.