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Game development in need of help!

Synopsis & Goals:

Hey, guys! Today I'm bringing you an opportunity to take part in a developing game.

The genre is a horror survival game with an element of mystery.
The game is a popular type of horror which is a zombie apocalypse,
The target audience will be mostly aimed at teens between 14-18.
My intentions are to make a game that will become popular and enjoyable for all.
My first deadline was going to be a year. However, this could go over depending on how well the game turns out and how much time will be needed to fully complete the game.
If the game becomes popular and looks great then I would like to keep the group as a permanent one if everyone else is okay with that.

Plot and Characters:

The plot is a young male (preferably an older teen) who wakes up in a hospital with no recollection of what happened before hand. He then decides to check out the hospital to try and find out what has happened. He doesn't find anything so he decides to find a way out of the hospital and try to get home. When he leaves he realises that nothing is the same as when he last saw it a realised he cannot go back home.
He must survive and make allies to survive and find his family. However, there will be many challenges the player must face to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.


Main boy - Hunter Low

A 17yr old boy who is quite self-centred and prefers his own ideas over others.
Doesn't work the best in teams but if he has to be in a group he will do so.

Main girl - Kaitlyn Quinn

A 16yr old girl who loves working in groups and is quite smart. However, She hardly speaks so her intelligence doesn't work well with her.

Other Characters - N/A

Positions Available:

- For this team I will need:

Music developers x1 (For now) (Spaces: 0/1) OPEN

The music developer/s will have to be able to create a tune that will be expected for a certain scene to a high standard and well presented. You should be able to create pretty much anything required and should be able to work on short deadlines as well as long deadlines.

Writers x2 (Spaces: 0/2) OPEN

The writer's job is to script the game and also go through the game and correct any text that is wrong or misspelt. You will be given the scene and map that the text needs correcting by the game testers. You should be able to develop a good story with the information that will be given to you. You should be able to work under short deadlines and obviously longer ones. EXTRA TIME may not be accepted depending on how long, anything longer than 30 mins extra time shall not be accepted because the game depends on your creativity and work.

Game testers x2 (For now) (Spaces: 0/2) OPEN

The game testers job, if it isn't already that obvious, is to check the game constantly and try everything you can to 'Break the game' and inform the team on what you were able to do that you shouldn't actually be able to do. For example, imagine that you're in a maze and you can't be bothered to do it and find a way to walk over all the walls making you able to completely skip past the maze.

Extra developers' x2 (Spaces: 0/2) OPEN

The extra developers' job is to help me develop the game and its progress in becoming a fully fleshed game.
Your job consists of (Could possibly change):
- Making maps
- Checking the game's events (Coding basically)
- Helping the other members with their jobs.
- Adding things to the database.
- (Other tasks will be added soon)

Artists x2 (Spaces: 0/2) OPEN

Your job is to create things such as:
- Tilesets
- Icons
- Characters face
- The actual character themselves
These must meet the criteria before being included in the game.

If any of you are interested then please tell me down below then PM me with what role you would like and possibly some examples of your work attached to the message. Thanks for reading!