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From Myth to Legend

I have no intentions of releasing this as a paid product at all nor is near a finished state. This has been a passion project of mine for the last two years and, after getting some courage to get my idea out to the public, have decided to announce it on the forums. This project also serves as at test to see if I can create an enjoyable game with a coherent story, engaging battles, interesting move pool for both player characters and party members alike, as well as interesting enemies and a constant feeling of fear and empowerment when defeating enemies (can't forget a proper difficulty curve either.)

Features (so far):
Enemies scale with the most powerful member of your party. If you think you can just grind Cloud to level 100 and leave Toby (not real characters in the game) stuck at level 1, then have Toby try to grind off some early game enemies, he will be destroyed without aid. While enemies have a maximum level cap, they will scale with the strongest member in your party until they reach that level cap. Bosses are the same, they will scale with the player as well, in the event someone tries to grind weaker enemies in order to steamroll a boss in a particular part of the story. The only reward for defeating scaled enemies is that they give more Gold and Experience if they are a higher level.

The main character of the story (you) can be chosen at the start of the game. There are eight different characters to choose from, each having different stats, move pool, and weapon/magic usage. The game is even smart enough to tell if the character is a female or a male. (Credit goes to Yanfly at yanfly.moe for the plugins and tips on making certain moves in the game function as they should and player quality of life features.)

There is a row system consisting of a front and a back. Back row entities need to use magic, items, or bows to attack anything, but they receive increased physical defense while in the back.
The story is currently being rewritten from scratch.
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The Adventures Of Toby!

I'm not sure what a good name would be with out knowing more.
You talked about the quests that He/She can start on, you talk about the mayor who wants his daughter found, and about a woman who is in fear of an attack, but what about your protagonist? (Your main character)

Do they have a son/daughter?
Is your protagonist 12 years old or 79 years old?
Do they have a family? mother, father, cat to look after?
What kind of life does the protagonist have? (Is He/She out of work, out of money, out of food? Or are they middle class / upper class?)
Are you on a Earth type of word with cars and science or are you in a medieval setting?
What is your protagonists goals in life?
What is the "main quest" of your game?
"but what about your protagonist? (Your main character)"
I actually haven't given any backstory to the main character (not even a profile). I've been busy trying to finish the first part of the game, but without a motive, the main character would have basically no personality and ironically be the least important of the story. Thank you for pointing this out (from the information given).

"Are you on a Earth type of word with cars and science or are you in a medieval setting?"
As for the world, I don't know how to explain it. The first few main characters are from a medieval land, but there is also an area that is decades ahead of this civilizations and others. I'll see if I can explain the reasoning behind this without being "because it is".
[doublepost=1526543146,1526324915][/doublepost]Here are some images from my project2018_5_17_0_36_51_925_1560.png 2018_5_17_0_31_27_658_653.png 2018_5_17_0_32_44_86_2131.png 2018_5_17_0_34_11_503_4271.png 2018_5_17_0_35_11_272_2619.png
to show that real progress has been made.


Looking good! I'm not sure I can help with a title though, I am sure you will think of something though :)
I liked the screen shots!
Apologies for a lack of updates, but I am currently dealing with family issues and have no access to any computers tor work on this project. I should have another update by the end of this month.
[doublepost=1531772478,1528410144][/doublepost]I am sorry for not meeting my proposed deadline, my internet was shut off and I had ran into a roadblock on development. I can say that the first part of my game is completed in terms of scripting and eventing, all I need to do now is run some test playthroughs and add a bit of life to some of the incomplete areas, and this part of the game will be finished.
2018_7_16_13_16_19_997_19.png 2018_7_16_13_15_8_198_4727.png 2018_7_16_13_14_49_46_4159.png 2018_7_16_13_14_0_533_4243.png 2018_7_16_13_13_53_565_1570.png 2018_7_16_13_13_38_261_3078.png 2018_7_16_13_13_8_522_4441.png 2018_7_16_13_5_49_360_3457.png 2018_7_16_13_3_3_808_1937.png 2018_7_16_13_1_56_165_443.png 2018_7_16_13_1_17_792_624.png More screenshots!


Now that's a cool title, I like that a lot! The crystal ball thing really works, very cool.
I also like the look of the out side of your world, Looks like lots of fun to explore!
Hope to play a demo of it this year?
Good luck, you have certainly caught my attention.
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Thanks Azdak, it took me a while to come up with the title for the game. As for an update, I've had to rewrite the whole plot. After I finally got time off of work, I did a review of my work and realize that the main plot didn't make any sense, and the subplots were the only thing moving the story along. Once I get back to where I left off, then I can release a playable demo for the public.


Oh no, sorry to hear that :(
Well as long as you can keep your maps and stuff (maybe?) and not have to start from scratch it's not too bad?

The main quest/plot can be a very tricky thing...

The only thing I could recommend is try splitting your plot into acts.
for example:

Act 1. - Main Quest Save the princess from the tower get a boat. Set sail to kill the evil over lord.
Side Quests - meet 3 party members, kill rats in a cellar, explore the south ruin. Help the farmer with the attack of the killer tomatoes.

Act 2. - Main Quest Find and fight the evil overlord, get defeated end up being ship wrecked
Side Quests - Explore new islands, help the fisherman, defeat the kraken, find new towns, new party member etc. etc.

Act 3. Main Quest Get Air Ship, find the legendary weapons forged by the gods to defeat the evil over lord.
Side Quests - Islands you could not get too with your boat. Normally you will find most side quests in Act 3
as you are free to explore with the air ship.

Act 4. Main Quest Final show down with the evil over lord on his flying palace. The last act, tends to be short.
Side Quests from act 2 and 3.

Hope that helps a little :)
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Just a small update, I have rewritten the story up to the first plot device. I am now taking a break to all weapon and armor types that will he in the game. I have yet to make progress outside of documentation, so I do not have any screen shots to show of my efforts. As for the weapons, here are the types I currently have:
(STAB means Same Type Attack Boost)
Dagger: lightest weapon, weakest power
Sword: light weapon, weak power
Axe: medium weapon, average power
Mace: heaviest weapon, great power
Flail: heavy weapon, greatest power, inaccurate
Claw: light weapon, greater power

Bow: light, weakest, uses arrows
Crossbow: heavy, strong, uses bolts
Pistol: lightest, average, uses 9mm
Shotgun: heaviest, strongest, uses shell, inaccurate
Rifle: heavy, stronger, uses 5.56mm, multi attack

Staff: light, weak, increases base magic attack power
Book: lightest, cannot attack, increases STAB for a specified elements, slightly reduces magic cost
Rod: average, strong, cast a specific spell for free
Wand: heavy, average, reduces MP cost