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Event Creation in JS

Hello, everybody-

I am working on a script where I am trying to create a new Event during gameplay:

$._bago = function() {

        var template_id = 0; // default- blank event template
        if (arguments.length != 0) template_id = Number(arguments[0]);
        // get event template from json and (1) load it as an object, (2) create blank page object.
        var json_fn = "EventTemplates.json";
        var data_folder = $._root() + "/data/";
        var template_json_fn = data_folder + json_fn;
        var json_data = $._load_text_file(template_json_fn);
        var x_obj = JSON.parse(json_data);
        var y_obj = JSON.parse(json_data);
        var json_obj = x_obj.events[template_id];
        var json_page = y_obj.events[template_id].pages[0];
        // new event settings

        var events_on_map = $dataMap.events.length;

        json_obj.id = events_on_map - 1;
        json_obj.x = 3;
        json_obj.y = 4;

        json_obj.pages[0].conditions.selfSwitchCh = "D";
        json_obj.pages[0].conditions.selfSwitchValid = true;    
        json_obj.pages[0].image.characterName = "!coin";
        json_obj.pages[0].image.pattern = 1;
        json_obj.pages[0].priorityType = 1;

        var move_commands_x = "b:0,z:2";
        var m_c_i = $._isalin(move_commands_x);

        json_obj.pages[0].moveRoute = m_c_i;

        // add blank page

        // create event on map
        $dataMap.events[events_on_map] = json_obj;
        $gameMap._events[events_on_map] = new Game_Event($gameMap._mapId, events_on_map);
        SceneManager._scene.children[0]._tilemap.addChild(new Sprite_Character($gameMap._events[events_on_map]));
        // turn on new event's self switch d
        var xkey = [$gameMap._mapId, json_obj.id, "D"];


This isn't the final function, just something I threw together to test the process.

I am able to get the object to appear on the map, however, I am not able to get it to react to the final commands in the script which turn on its self switch D so that I can get the Custom route on its second page to execute.

Any insights on what I am doing wrong / hints about what I should be doing instead?

Thank you in advance for your help!
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