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in collaboration with

- Background
The Empire of Kharrad
lies on the island who bears the same name, pacific from thousand years ago: very similar in architecture, structure and society to the european middle-ages, the empire is under the control of His Imperial Majesty Ludwig Kharradian XXVII, last emperor from a long and ancient dinasty.

The island of Kharrad is wide and includes beaches, warm plains with forests and a mountain range with the Yerun volcano in the middle, that created the whole island: the capital city of Kharrad, the imperial fortified citadel of Samena, is placed at the foot of the mountain range and is the biggest city on the island; most of the territory is covered with small villages scattered around plains and coasts. The mountain range is a forbidden territory because of the frequent eruptions of Yerun volcano, obviously dangerous for any person or human settlement.

The empire official religion is based on an ancient cult, still alive and equally feared and respected: the Essence is a spiritual force that every person leave behind at the time of death, some sort of mouldable energy that can be both dangerous and useful; all magic in the world is based on Essence use as the main vessel of concentrated power. When a person dies his or her Essence leaves the body and fly far away to a mythical island made of ice and crystal, thousand of miles far in the open ocean, and there the Great Essence grows and shrinks continuosly as new essences comes and magic around the world is used: this balance is old as the world itself, thousand of years older than the empire's foundation.

Officially, the island of Kharrad is the only emerged and inhabited land in a world formed by a big ocean and of course the island of the Great Essence. The Empire of Kharrad sustain peace with a subtle control over his people, with propaganda and deification of the emperor: use of magic is allowed only to the Imperial Healers (they use magic to heal wounds and diseases, and they are placed almost everywhere around the empire, even in the smallest villages) and the existence of other countries is kept as a secret to the common people.

The Al-Shatari Emirate lies far to the south of Kharrad: the island is a warm place formed with sandy deserts, scattered oasis, hot mountain ranges and a big fresh lake where lies the capital city Shatar-Abida, home of the Emir Asim Sabil. Al-Shatari is a strange kind of monarchy, because the next emir is chosen with regular election when the predecessor dies: besides the capital city, small villages are set near the various oasis and other mobile communities (similar to arabian Bedouins) travel in the desert and camp during the night. A common problem around is the high crime rate, with a focus on the Half-Moon Raiders that roams the desert and represent a big danger for caravans. The Essence is worshipped as monotheist religion (called "The Great Light") and use of magic is free.

The Hashimoto Shogunate lies far to the east of Kharrad, a big plain with a lot of swamps and forests until the land reaches the big Dragon Mountain, on the eastern side of the island. The shogunate is a land of culture and wisdom, but with a lot of violences and internal wars that changed frequently the dominant power: the actual reigning shogun Yoshiro Takagi rule with his family and his personal army formed of samurai warriors, masters of weapons and poetry. The territory is widely cultivated with rice and medical plants, and a lot of small villages are scattered around the country and dominated by the beauty of the capital city Nagato. The Essence (here called "Kami No Honshitsu") is worshipped as a natural force found in every living creature and plant: use of magic is free but those who use it to damage nature and animals are severely condemned.

The Allegy Republic is found far to the west of Kharrad and it's the nearest island, far about 3 days of navigation: the island is cold and with a snowy weather almost all year, and here all forms of art are considered very important here. Actually ruled by the Prime Minister Bernard Gautier, the republic supports regular elections even if the prime minister has a wide range of independence and has to report only occasionally to the House of Ministers; here magic can be used freely and it's considered as the same level as a common weapon or tool. There are only a few cities in Allegy, all concentrated on the mountain range that crosses all the island, and they are formed by beautiful houses elegantly carved from stone with a lot of decorations, included the splendid capital city
Beauierille. The republic consider art as the most important defence from ignorance and barbarity, even if a lot of corruption episodes constatly menace public officials. The Essence is worshipped as a laic religion, under the form of pure artistic inspiration, and in fact almost all the art on the island is made using magic.

- Character

Molian Mallard
World of origin:
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Primary Weapon: Daggers/Shortswords
Spells: Divination
On him: he lives in Kirkdin, a small farming village on the island of Kharrad. He never met his parents and makes a living as a hunter, hosted into the house of the old woman Helga who took him with her while he was a baby and she is called "granny" by him. Molian is an introvert and timorous young man: he loves routine [...]

Salima Belabed
World of origin:
Gender: Female
Hair: Violet
Primary Weapon: Martial arts/Fist weapons
Spells: Healing/Charme
On her: born and raised in the Al-Shatari Emirate, she has been sold as a slave when her parents seen her growing beauty. After avoiding a forced marriage with a rich merchant who fell in love with her, she ran away into the desert but she got caught by the Half-Moon Raiders: she become a source [...]

Hiroshi Yamauchi
World of origin:
Gender: Male
Hair: Bald
Primary Weapon: Swords/Polearms
Spells: Attack/defence power up
On him: old swordmaster living on Hashimoto island, he fought a large number of battles and witnessed various shoguns going up and down from the throne. After his wife's death, he started to live far from society into a forest on the Dragon Mountain: he became disappointed by his own people, judging badly his comrades and [...]

Philippe de la Fontaine
World of origin:
Gender: Male
Hair: Blond
Primary Weapon: Staves
Spells: Elemental magic/Magic power ups/Healing
On him: typical "product" of the Allegy Republic, Philippe is a particularly talented artist, expert in songs and poetry. Trained at the best schools on the island, Philippe lost his parents during an epidemic crisis and never truly healed from that terrible loss: in his grief, he was able to push himself beyond the physical world and [...]

- Features
- Breathing effect on all characters in database
- Breathing effect on single events on map (so even other character with benefit from this effect)
- The effect will change when a particular status effect is active
- Opening/closing eyes effect for every character
- Animated faces on menù
- Character sprites animations on menu
- Active character can run
- Slow motion effect for preset cutscenes
- Personalized menù

Battle System
Our BS is not going to be the traditional Yanfly, Victor, Tankentai or so on..
We are making a completely new one, simple to use.
Actually we have implemented battle poses for all characters, which will be different during each battle.

What "random" stands for?
Just imagine to throw a dice: the same number can appear several times, or you can have a different result each time: the same concept is applied here.
Every character will have his own pose set, and a random one will be chosen each time for a changing effect.

- Screenshot & Video
Media: (inWIP)


Title video:

- Demo/Complete game
September '15

- Userbar

- Credits
Enterbrain - Degica(Tool)
Budle Fantasy (Enterbrain, Degica)
Ally (Script, Eventing, Mapping)
Woratana (Script)
Simone Granata (Story, Background)
MihaChan (Artwork ,Face, Battler and other original graphic)
mikb89 (Script)
Melosx (Script)
richter (Battle Sprite)
roolerdj.com (Original Music)
Sylvanor (Tileset - other tile modified by me)
rgansta (Logo Titolo)

Bizarre Monkey

Oh good! I was worried I was going to be the only one here with a promising game for MV!

I like what I see so far, and wish you and your team the best of luck.
rgansta (Logo Titolo)
Pretty sure you mean Rgangsta... but I'll let it slide.

He's everywhere. But also nowhere! Him and I go back to before 2013. He made a fair few of the assets I use in my own stuff.

Rise Evil

Praised Adventurer
Oh snap! A lot of thoughts have been put here. Special mention for the animated title screen with a great ambiant song. This is amazing what you're done here ^^


Thanks all for response and congrats ^^

I think to finish project in mv...maybe... :3


Looks awesome! I'm humbled by the awesomeness. :) Can't wait to see the finished product. :D

LTN Games

Master Mind
Resource Team
This looks fantastic, seems a lot of effort and hard work has been put into this, I hope to see a demo soon. Keep it up :)


Towns Guard
I think something is goin' wrong with my browser. I can't see a single pic of this game (inWIP?)... But what an awesome text-only 36 seconds teaser, eh?

Good luck, Sir.