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What direction to take with this game?

  • One Giant Castle (Slow development)

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This game is a dark fantasy 1st person dungeon crawler without any crawling. It's for those people who're a bit tired of getting lost in labyrinths and just wanna get straight to all the action and choices.

Like Dungeon Quest, there can be sudden mortal danger out of nowhere. This means that you might have to fight a boss on your first day of adventuring.


Combat is pretty straight-forward and determined by the 20-sided die. Your opponent always rolls first and then you. Whoever rolls the highest will get to attack. This means that the same combatant might get the chance to attack many times in a row. On your turn, you're basically free to use any items and spells before the turn goes back to the opponent. Many board games with cards work this way.

There's currently no plot. Which isn't good but story-telling isn't my strong side. I thought that through quests, the player would make their own story in a dangerous world of fantasy.


In Duncaster you can buy better gear, rest or go to MERLIN'S ACADEMY to take classes to learn spells before you try to venture to the dungeon.

The difficulty curve can be extreme, as it's going for the 1st version AD&D old-school brutality. If you know what you're doing and using the best tactics, you should be alright, but not every adventurer will come out on top.

It doesn't have any adult content per se, but many religious references and alcohol.

Here's the link to the game:

I need any feedback. Tell me what you think of it and what could make this game more fun. Also reports of bugs/glitches and all that.


Open-World 1:

Open-World 2:

This game draws influence from all the following games:

- Swords & Serpents
- Wizardry Trilogy
- Dungeon Quest
- Fabled Lands
- Fighting Fantasy
- AD&D 1st edition
- Shadowgate
- Sword of Hope
- Bard's Tale
- Faxanadu
- Ultima Underworld
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Looks really nice! A unique concept for a rmmv game imo. Keep it up! :) I might share it on our twitter here soon!