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drawFace () and drawActorFace () Not Drawing to Window.

Hi there.

I'm having an issue with drawing actor faces to a Window_Base as it just won't display them. Everything else such as icon's, text, simple status' etc all seem to work. But trying to draw an image of their face is just not doing anything.

Here's my current code:
CharacterSelection_CharacterWindow.prototype.refresh = function () {
        this.contents.clear ();
        this.drawActorName ($gameActors.actor (1), 0, 400, 300);
        this.drawIcon ($dataItems[1].iconIndex, 0, 0);
        this.drawActorFace($gameActors.actor (1), 0, 200, 144, 144);
I'm just trying to make a simple status screen of the current interacted actor for a purchasing system. I've encountered tons of issues whist using MV and have usually managed to use enough of the base engine code as reference + kinoar's docs to solve but this one's got me stumped whereas the rest I've managed to figure out.


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weird... i'm working on a plugin that requires drawing the actor faces to a new window, so i'll have a look and see what happens. can you please keep me posted if you find a solution to this issue?