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Discussion: Idea for a gameplay mechanic.


First of all, new to this community so i hope i can get along with you all. Now onto the matter at hand.

I have been working on converting an old fan story i once made into an original game story after getting a creative urge when i found rpg maker. I am still practicing and testing things out, but there is one detail about its gameplay that has me a little stuck. It is built around a conquest play where the player can even choose where in this many regioned world you start out in building your rule.

Which brings me to the interesting question. Am I pushing to past the limit for this much of a freedom in a game or does it seem like something possible to script in to you guys?

Curious about the opinions of others more experienced then me on the matter.
To be honest, in the beginning of the game (With simple event usage) You could set a spawn location depending on the players choice, Now I don't believe you would have to make the games 8 times when having 8 different spawns, as the only thing needed to be done is making a choice option, give the option to choose a kingdom. Then make that person ruler of that kingdom. (Assuming I read your question right)

But when wanting the story to change when making this decision, your game will have to be made multiple times. Just like all other games. More work for more fun indeed, and you can replay the game to explore The other side

Hope this helped enough!
I would suggest looking up some beginners tutorials on Youtube to get a feel for how the system works and what you can do with it. MV is incredibly versatile and can easily handle many branching storyline paths. It all comes down to the person creating the events to keep everything straight and planned out.


@Xavier101, I think if you can code the scripts would be easier for you to do what you intend.
Gameplay, I am not sure you are talking the unique mechanics or about the balancing stats.