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DEMO - Star Shift 0.14

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Star Shift 0.14 Demo Released

Star-Shift has been updated to version 0.14. This update adds many fixes to the core gameplay of the game as well as aims to clean up the early gameplay and story.

The year is 2357. Humans have explored the stars and colonized many worlds under the authority of the Earth Systems Alliance, a government controlled by powerful interstellar corporations. An alliance in name only, it is in reality, a brutal empire.

The Earth Systems Alliance (ESA) is on the brink of civil war with a movement known as the Novus Federation. They are made up of former ESA colonists, corporations and military personnel who oppose Alliance rule and actively undermine ESA activities. Both sides have committed war crimes on civilian populations. This has destabilized the balance of power in the region, creating chaos.


Download for Windows:

Download for MAC OS X:

Play in Web Browser (needs fast internet connection):

Change Log:

1. Fixed Game Icon when playing and loading the game to custom instead of generic.

2. Added dynamic “news casts” that change based on player actions in the game.

3. Focused on making early in-game story-line more coherent and detailed.

4. Added dynamic lighting.

5. Re-balanced combat system. Regular attacks are weak, special attacks strong, quick to kill, quick to die is the goal, but we’re not there yet, better though.

6. Quest Journal (Missions) now work for main quests/missions in game and some side-quests (not for all side-quests yet).

7. Fixed various story-line contradictions.

8. Added new armor, skills, implants and accessories

Notes when playing this demo:

1. This is a pre-alpha demo, so there’s a lot that’s broken (like being able to walk through walls on certain maps, combat not totally balanced, etc.).

2. Tactical battle system crashes if enemies attack, so for now they are not able to attack, you can get basic feel for the system though.

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