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Cutscene problems

I've been trying to make a cutscene but I don't know why it doesn't run automatically like I want it. Am I doing something wrong? What I tried to do was make the main character find one of the party members on the floor injured. But when I test the event the event does not run properly.

Event 2.JPG Event 1.JPG
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you do not have anything that will trigger the second page and also "fix" means characters as well as players will not move.
Make "fix" into "custom" and use that to save space on events. Also remove the second page it is not needed that trick is used for switches and other advanced things that even i do not know.

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On page 1, set a Self-Switch at the end.


And on page 2, set the Condition of the page to check for a Self-Switch


That is one way you can get content to run from page to page on the same event.