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Custom Addons or Pre-Made?


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Resource Team
Have you ever gotten any custom addons created for your website? Or do you simply use pre-made ones. Addons are anything that add something to your website, for example the shop on here is a pre-made addon.

I personally have had a few custom addons created for my websites however, I tend to stick with pre-made ones as they're almost always what I'm looking for and often times cost efficient versus paying for a completely unique addon.
Since i'm on a tight budget, I generally utilize pre-made add-ons. It'd be quite expensive to get some custom made, however. in the past I have had an add-on made for XF1, which was then released to the public, but the developer didn't charge that much so it was fine. :) I usually go pre-made though since that tends to be more within my budget.
It depends on whether the pre-made has the stuff I want. In the other case, I would want something custom. Well, an example would be a mod that made the text (on the forum) bigger for desktop/laptop, but a decent size for mobile. That's something not already made.

Anyhow, I'm assuming the custom add-on price would be thru-the-roof, in that case, as with @Smokey, I'd be doing some 2nd guesses.


I've only requested a custom addon for one of my forums once and that wasn't that major. It was a plugin that allowed me to limit the number of points a user could earn per day based on their activity. I think it only set me back around $10-15 although that project didn't go too far so I might as well have saved my money.


I only really use pre-made addons, both for cost and because I'd probably blow up my site if it were more complicated than it already can be at times. The only custom things on my site are the banner and button... And I'm happy enough with that.
I personally use Pre made addons as its Free and Free stuff is awesome lol. But I would pefer paid addons but once my website has more users joining up.