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Closing a loop when a commen event inside that loop teleports you to a new map.

Long title, I don't know how to explain it shorter.

So i have created a dice gambling system. I use a loop so the player can keep on betting. I use a random number varible to determine what dice you get and two commen event that give you a random win or lose message.

One of these win messages starts an event that teleports you to a new place. But when you teleport the gamblng system pops up, because the loop is not closed.

Anybody knows how to close the loop?

My english is not great, but I hope you understand what i mean.

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I kind of get what you mean but you can you show an example?

From my understanding, when you win in a common event, you get teleported. Have you tried to do something like this?


This should do it im not mistaken because after you break out of the endless loop for WINNING then the event should continue down the event list which the next thing would be teleporting you. Since you don't win, you never get to the teleporting.