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Chronicles of Xanatos

Hello, I am new to this site and have signed up in case I need future help in my project. This will be updated as the project progresses, however I am making a fun for none profit project in rpg maker mv, as I heard it can make them into app games as well as flash, I am 32 and have always found the art of classical games amazing.
This game is a for fun project, I have an Audio producer, and Graphics designer both in college willing to do it for the credits for a portfolio, I do not plan to make a dime off this project.

This game takes the Open world game type of the original Zelda game and puts it on a tablet or android, this game will be a zombie post apocalyptic style open world android game, where you have to quest to find the safe zone that is not yet infected by the virus.

Right now the starting process is a little hazy, I won't lie, the game itself won't start with development until mid Jan of next year, right now we are on discord discussing the project and trying to get the story line down.

I just wanted to post this to get anyone's input on the project and what they may enjoy seeing, as I said this isn't going to make a dime, just a fun little project, if it works out I would like to actually speak to nbc about making a game based on the old favorite quantum Leap tv show of mine..