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Change default game window size (not resolution)

Tsuyoi Raion

Hello everyone!

Is there any way to change the actual size of the game window based on the current resolution?

I have been working on making my game have a custom resolution (1104 x 624) and everything works great except for one thing, when the game is in windowed mode it does not change the game window to the new resolution size, it simply stays at the default window size (816 x 624)

Now I know that resolution changing plugins only change the resolution so i went ahead and looked for the original window size code in the default scripts/plugins, found it, adjusted it but still no luck.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I'm using THIS plugin to change the resolution (I have tried a few).
[doublepost=1492314274,1491158298][/doublepost]So I ended up getting this to work by simply opening up the package.json file you get when you make a build and changing the window settings :P very simple fix, did not think to check the output package file.

So if anyone was wondering, that's how you do it ^_^