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Can't change anyone's equipment but Actor 1

I have no idea why but whenever I use an equipment slot more than once on anyone but the character in slot 1 the game crashes and gives me the attached image as the error.

As someone who knows nothing about coding, I have no idea what's up. I originally thought it was one specific item but then found out it's broken for anything. Any help would be really appreciated since I have no idea how to go about even trying to fix this.


It appears to be the Equipment Core of YE that's causing the issue but I'm not sure what exactly the issue is.

UPDATE: I think the plugin might have just been outdated. 'Cause I tried redownloading it and re-adding-it and... it's fine now.
I feel like a bit of a doof. I guess this is a lesson in "maybe do a bit more experimentin' before runnin' to the online stuff askin' for help... ya smuck."
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If all that stuff came up on my screen I would Shit my self as well!
I'm very glad to hear that you fixed it :D
Panic over, have a cup o tea! :)
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