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Brawlhalla Review [Outdated]


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Who here loves Super Smash Bro's? I'm sure the mass majority of people agree that it is an extremely fun game. However, how many people own a Nintendo type of system, or have the money to pay for the game. Brawlhalla brings smash bro styled gameplay to the PC for FREE! Yes, you heard it. FREE!

Brawlhalla is an extremely fun, extremely addicting, and extremely competitive game much like Super Smash Bro's. A platform fighting game, where you pick up weapons, items, etc. and try to knock the other person out. Play several game modes such as timed mode where you see who can get the highest score in the amount of time. Score is depending on who you knock out. +2 for knocking someone out, -1 for being knocked out. At the end of the time, the person with the most points wins. Stock, a set lives of, normally 3 (Customizable). Once you get knocked out 3 times you're out. Or play some new, and creative game modes such as Brawlball. A football styled gamemode where you have to bring the football from one end to the other. Once you get hit it flies out of your hand. And much more.

Choose from LOADS of characters, each one with their own unique attacks, styles, stats, etc. Find a favorite and play.

The graphics are really cute looking, cartoony styled artwork that goes great with the gameplay, and style of the game. It looks well made, though there are limited animations for each move, etc. Most characters share the same animation. For example, most swords, if not all share the up jump attack, and falling down attack. Same goes with just about every style of weapon. Axe, Spear, hammer, guns, etc.

Sound is the same with the graphics, often times the weapons share the same exact sound effect based on the type of weapon. The background music is fairly nice, though the loading screen/menu isn't as pumping as I'd like it to be. With a fighting game, I'd expect something hard metal type of music. Instead it is orchestral. Which, don't get me wrong, it's good. Just not what I was expecting for a fighting type of game.

Despite the graphics, and sound sharing common grounds, it does not take away from the game, or the enjoyment level in the game itself. I rate this game highly, and think everyone should give it a try, at least once!

This is a game I highly recommend to everyone to play. It's free after all, it's worth giving it at least a shot!

Check out the game right now, free on steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/291550/




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