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Bless Online (Korean Version) [Outdated]


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Game: Bless Online
Genre: MMORPG, Open World
Developer: Pmang
Publisher: Pmang
Platform: PC / Windows
Overall rating: 6/10

I wish I could explain bless' story a little better, however with the english patch they have out it's all google translated so the grammar, and text has been far lost in translation it's actually better, and easier to understand the game if you simply ignore all the text at hand. However, the lack of text and knowledge on the story has not taken me away from absolutely loving this game and playing it almost religiously for the past week. The gameplay is amazing, the visuals are one of the best out of any MMO out there currently. And the whole game is open world with a long render distance. The part I love most about the game is seeing the huge mountains in the distance, as well as a castle or two and knowing you are able to go to them at any point.

I am not a fan of questing... at all actually. It's one of the main reasons I haven't been able to get into most MMO's, that and most quests if you happen to skip through the text (Which I more often than not tend to do) you can get lost pretty easily. Though in order to level up at a decent pace you're almost forced to quest, the quests are simple, and easy to understand. Even with the terrible translations, you're really not required to read it in most scenarios. The markers on the map are clearly indicated, and the objects you need to go get, and or kill are marked either by a glowing light, or the number of your quest shows above the monster. In some cases, you will find the area on the map, and no markers which more times than not indicated you need to kill the monsters in that area and loot them for the quest items.

The controls can be quite clunky at times with the tab targeting system they have in place. The targeting system often times focuses on objects out of your view, or not what you want at all. I've had my character, instead of attacking the monster clearly in front of him, run sideways and attack a totally different monster. In this process it also caused some other monsters to agro on me and completely kill me. I've also had it when I go to click on the monster instead of tabbing on them, I somehow click past them and start running straight, gaining agros and start to get attacked. There isn't any auto retaliate for combat. So if you're ever afk in a zone, and a mob starts to attack you, your guy will just sit there and take it like a champ. Often times leading to you coming back dead.

What makes up for all of the negative features this game may possess is the visual aspect of this game. From the graphics, open world, to the vastly different climates they have. The map is absolutely huge, and in order to travel from one side to the other would take hours upon hours to complete. Most players use the paid flying system they have in place called Wyvern trainers. For a little bit of silver you can have a wyvern take you to any major city you've visited. The whole game is loading screen free, even with the wyvern rides you actually fly through the air, and go through each city until you reach your destination. Though some people may find this redundant, I find it to be one of my most favored parts of the game. The ability to see the whole map from the aerial point of view, and to see everywhere you've travel, the places you will be traveling too, etc. Is absolutely stunning. This has to be one of the most visually pleasant games I've ever played.


Sadly, I don't have more in-game picture. However this is one I took when I turned the hud off.

The game is free to play, however in order to play the korean version you will need to purchase a korean account from a website which can run you around $3-$10 depending on where you purchase the account from, as well as buy a VPN as I don't know any free VPN's that can connect to Korea. Once you load the game, in the loading screen you can disconnect the VPN so if you're able to find a free VPN that can connect to a korean server than you can in fact use it, however I couldn't and instead purchased a $13 a month VPN.

Originally I had this game at a 9/10 because of the fact that I've dropped well over 40 hours on it thus far and I've only been playing it for like a week. Every spare moment I get I'm on Bless, I've stopped playing any other game. However, as I began to write the review and list all the negatives I knew I had to drop the score down. Despite the score being so low, I still highly recommend this game to anyone willing to spend a little bit of extra money to play it.

Please keep in mind it is almost 5am and I have yet to sleep :) So if I got off track, rambled on, etc. that's probably why :D